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Asmodus Special Editions, Juice, & A Giveaway!

Asmodus Special Editions, Juice, & A Giveaway!

GIVEAWAY INFO: To win the Sigelei 75w TC Oni Aqua (Limited Edition), please fill out the Google Form in the following link…all info on the giveaway is contained in the form. Good luck, here’s your link: http://goo.gl/forms/E9KwQuvYug

Asmodus is the company you often see on your warranty card when you buy a new mod. While they’re great for warranties, they’re so much more than that! Check out these limited editions, some juice I had no idea they did, and maybe win the Sigelei 75w TC Oni Aqua Edition!

Check out Asmodus here: http://www.asmodus.com

Sign the petition to the White House here:

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