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Electronic Cigarettes: 7 Ex-Smokers tell their Vaping Journey

Here’s a collection of personal stories from people who have made the switch to vaping after many years of traditional cigarettes.

My Vaping Journey – Kogsy’s V-Log #2

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Enthusiastic vapers are sharing their stories all over the internet. Turning away from the smelly smokes.

My Vaping Journey – (and how the EU want to end it)!

I made this short film for a feature on Vaper Scene (www.vapourtrails.tv) but I think it stands up as a separate video in its own right.


It’s not just guys taking up electronic cigarettes there’s an equal amount of young women making the switch.

my vaping journey so far part 2!!! and tips 🙂

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Health is important for life and that can be a great reason to stop burning tobacco and taking the risk with your health.

My Vaping Journey – #EUecigBAN

Short Video talking about my continuing journey as a Vaper and the possible BAN on E-Cigs and E-Juice limits by the EU.


Even after many years smoking electronic cigarettes have been a help to lots.

My Vaping Journey – 1st week thoughts from a beginner

I just wanted to give a bit of background on my journey from smoker to vaper. My first e-cig: http://tidd.ly/9fc12b45



Even seasoned Vapers had to start somewhere and it can be quite a journey along this lifestyle change.

my vaping story: ANDY SUTTON

I thought if I was asking… I should do one! 🙂


This is one of the most powerful testimonials on the internet. After decades of smoking changing to electronic cigarettes can be done.

Vaping for the over sixties,to smokers, new vapers,enemies of vaping and cat science.wmv

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